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The Town Cryers - All's Well (1987)
6-song Mini-Album
Vinyl format only

The Town Cryers - All's Well 6-song EP
© Flat and Black Records 1987 (SOCAN)

01 - Like A Telegraph (3.42 MB)
02 - Annie Says (2.96 MB)
03 - Not Until (2.33 MB)

04 - Cry at Night ( 3.43 MB)
05 - You Told Me (4.30 MB)
06 - Here We Go Again (2.61 MB)

Recorded at "Parliament Studios", Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1987
Produced by The Town Cryers, Engineered by Steve Tevlin, Asst. Engineer Carrie Porter
All Songs © Cryersong Publications 1987

Song Credits:
Allaire: Like a Telegraph, Cry at Night
Tanguay: Annie Says, Not Until, Here We Go Again
Allaire, Tanguay: You Told Me

Line-up for this recording:
John Allaire - guitar and vocals
Jeff Tanguay - guitar, harmonica and vocals
Mike Carpenter - bass, vocals
Ian Cook - drums

Extra Musicians:
Dave Dawson - Keyboards
Steve Tevlin - Organ

Cover Photos - Neil Hendrick
Logo Design - Chris Wren

"All's Well" was recorded in 1987 at the height of the "tar-head" stage of the The Town Cryers (the boys were all dying their hair black, in some sort of attempt to all resemble Elvis ???). It was only available on vinyl and was a 12" record played at 45 rpm. This caused some consumers to think that their record was warped, as many attempted to play it at 33.3 rpm. The record was popular across the country, mostly on university stations, making it to the number one spot on seven stations, and in the top ten of over 30 stations.

Allaire won a songwriting award from the national performers' rights organization PROCAN for the song "Cry at Night", but never went to pick up his award, as it was in Toronto, and the Cryers' were plaing in Montreal the weekend of the ceremony.

Copies of "All's Well" can still be purchased through the Flat and Black Records web site.

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