The Town Cryers - Christmas E.P.s


(1990 and 1991)
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The Town Cryers' Christmas E.P.s
Please remember that these songs were recorded during the annual Town Cryers' private Christmas parties and were completed under various stages of intoxication... the songs are meant to be humourous and are not intended to offend (...well, maybe they're intended to offend a few people, but not most of you..... well OK, most of you will be offended, but we thought it was funny at the time... I dunno, seems silly now..... look, I said we were sorry... OK, well I'm saying it now....)

1990 Christmas E.P.

01 - TTC 1990 Christmas Message (1.46 MB)
02 - Santa A. Presley (2.71 MB)
03 - I Saw Mommy [Explicitly immature lyrics - Parental Guidance Strongly Recommended for this track] (3.12 MB)
04 - Sam & Rose Are Coming to Town (1.78 MB)
05 - Merry Christmas (Choir Time!) (3.21 MB)
06 - White Christmas (4.29 MB)

1991 Christmas E.P.

07 - Sleighride (4.99 MB)
08 - The Goodly Goose (2.94 MB)
09 - Christmas means... (2.94 MB)
10 - Takin' Care of Christmas (5.28 MB)
11 - We Three Clods (2.39 MB)
12 - 1991 Christmas message (1.58 MB)

Recorded in The Town Cryers' rehearsal space on Nottinghill in Ottawa, Dec. 1990 and Dec. 1991. We aren't who to creidt the songs to, so let's suffice to say some are traditional, some are complete rif-offs of popular sons and some are completely original. You figure it out.

Line-up for this recording:
John Allaire - guitar and vocals
Jeff Tanguay - guitar, bells, vocals
Rick Dixon - Bass
Breeze Smith
- Drums

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