The Mercy Miners - Knuckle Sandwich (1997)
10-song CD

The Mercy Miners "Knuckle Sandwich" (1997) FBR-004
© Flat and Black Records 1997 (SOCAN)

01 - I Saw You (2.93 MB)
02 - Flowers (3.13 MB)
03 - Thin Line (2.58 MB)

04 - Find the Remedy ( 3.10 MB)
05 - Silent Syringe (3.06 MB)

06 - Dark Green Suit (2.25 MB)
07 - Misery (2.61 MB)
08 - Winterland (3.01 MB)
09 - Green (3.14 MB)
10 - Self Respect (2.40 MB)

Recorded at "Teletune Studios", Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1997
Produced by The Mercy Miners, Engineered by Ken Kanwisher,
All Songs - Words and Music by John Allaire © Cryersong Publications 1997

Line-up for this recording:
John Allaire (Manny Miner)- guitar and vocals
Jeff Tanguay (Major Miner)- bass, guitar, vocals
Mark Goodman (Mojo Miner) - guitar
Don Kelly - drums

Cover Photos - Dookie

"Knuckle Sandwich " was recorded in 1997 at Teletune Studios in Ottawa. The Mercy Miners were playing gigs at a rate of about one every two months, focusing on opening for major acts such as Nada Surf from New York, and Econoline Crush from Vancouver.

A couple of songs were chosen for "Get a Life", a Canadian television show geared toward teens.

Copies of "Knuckle Sandwich" can still be purchased through the Flat and Black Records web site on CD-R format.

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