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The Town Cryers - Surprise Surprise (1989)
9-song Album
CD and Casette formats

The Town Cryers "Surprise Surprise" (1989) FBR-002
© Flat and Black Records 1989 (SOCAN)

01 - So Pleased To Meet Me (3.65 MB)
02 - (She Don't Know) Where She's Going To (2.88 MB)
03 - Up in the Air (2.73 MB)
04 - Miles Around Me ( 3.18 MB)
05 - The Train Song (2.75 MB)

06 - Answering the Questioning (2.77 MB)
07 - Mount St. Helens (3.03 MB)
08 - Satisfied (3.10 MB)
09 - Never Bin Hurt B-4 (3.49 MB)

Recorded at "Parliament Studios", Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1989
Produced by Steve Tevlin & The Town Cryers, Engineered by Steve Tevlin
All Songs - © Cryersong Publications 1989 Except "The Train Song", by Carpenter

Song Credits:
So Pleased to Meet Me - Tanguay
(She Don't Know) Where She's Going To - Allaire
Up in the Air - Tanguay
Miles Around Me - Tanguay
The Train Song - Carpenter
Answering the Questioning - Tanguay
Mount St. Helens - Allaire
Satisfied - Allaire
Never Bin Hurt B-4 - Allaire

Line-up for this recording:
John Allaire - guitar and vocals
Jeff Tanguay - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Mike Carpenter - guitar, bass, vocals
Ian Cook - drums, vocals
Otis L. Avateur - Keyboards

Cover Photos - Dave Grant

"Surprise Surprise" was recorded in 1989 at Parliament Studios in Ottawa. Just before its release, Ian Cook left the band, and shortly thereafter, so did Mike Carpenter. Thus, the cover photo was changed to include the new, and final, rhythm section of Kevin "Breeze" Smith and Rick Dixon (although neither actually recorded on the disc).

"So Pleased to Meet Me was chosen for the Sharechez '89 compilation CD, and their video for "Never Bin Hurt B-4" won top independent video in Canada for 1989. It received heavy rotation on the relatively new MuchMusic at the time, and was also featured on network shows such as "Video Hits" and "Video Wave".

The CD charted heavily across North America, but never actually made it to a number one spot like its predecessor "All's Well" did.

Original copies of "Surprise Surprise" can still be purchased through the Flat and Black Records web site on CD-R format.

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