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Mar. 6/07 - John to host Roundhouse Songwriter Concert Series - John has just announced that he is going to host the monthly Roundhouse Songwriter Concert Series in Ottawa. The concerts will occur the last Friday of every month, beginning April 27, 2007. The Roundhouse Songwriter Series is a "Songwriters-in-the-Round” format that occurs the last Friday of every month here in Ottawa. The new location for the Series will be determined soon. What happens is, each Series evening, three singer/songwriters will take the stage in the "round" and take turns playing a song (hopefully an original!). Audience interaction is totally encouraged for singalongs, questions for the artists, artists with questions for the audience or each other, and maybe a little bit of jamming here and there.... Then, one of the three artists (pre-determined) will "headline the show after the "round" has run its course.

...and a reminder that John's playing with some special guests at the Green Room on Saturday, March 31st -- not to be missed because you never know what special guests may show up. Recording of his next album has already begun, so c'mon down and catch some of the new material, with backing musicians. No cover!

Feb. 15/07 - Upcoming shows in the Ottawa area - John will be playing solo in support of Mike Yates at the Avant-Garde Bar in the Market area of Ottawa on March 1st. And at the end of the month (March 31), John will be playing the Green Room, a great new live venue in the south end of Ottawa. This venue really supports singer/songwriter types and is garnering quite a following for its open mic nights. Great eats too! Those who have been following John's career for a while will remember the Green Room by its former name, the Corner Pub, where John and band performed John's CD release party for Crime and Punishment back in September 2003. Same location, new owners, new attitude. Check them out! John will be playing the Green Room on March 31st (with some accompaniment!), and you never know who'll show up to play along (nudge nudge, wink wink). No cover. Don't miss that one!

Oh, by the way, the Salvation Army Partners in Mission Benefit scheduled for February 23rd has been postponed. Check back often for the re-scheduling date on that one.

Jan. 1/07 - More
Town Cryers' stuff AS REQUESTED! - We certainly are appreciative of the amount of requests we have been getting to: see CDs, join e-mailing lists, PLAY MORE SHOWS, make old videos and posters etc. available -- all since our reunion show at Zaphods in Ottawa last month. THE TOWN CRYERS THANK YOU! Just to help out a bit here, we've created a Cryers' Myspace page, where you can keep up with all the news. If you want to know what's going on as far as upcoming shows and you want to join an e-mail newsletter list, you can join the "John Allaire" list on the left on this page and all the Cryers' stuff will be sent right to your inbox.

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