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NEWS ARCHIVE - July - September 2006

Sep. 30/06 - The Town Cryers to play set in December - John and the rest of The Town Cryers (John's former band, including Jeff Tanguay, Rick Dixon and Breeze Smith) will be plaing a set opening for The BushPilots at Zaphod Beeleblebrox on December 15th, 2006. Their set will start at 8:30 sharp, so don't be late! For the time being, this is touted as a "one-off" show.

Sep. 10/06 - The Town Cryers reunite for two impromtu songs at the Rainbow in Ottawa - John and the rest of The Town Cryers (John's former band) found themselves all in the same place at the same time last night, with a stage and another band that was willing to lend them instruments for an unrehearsed pair of songs. John joined guitarist Jeff Tanguay, drummer Breeze Smith and bass player Rick Dixon (who was celebrating his 40th birthday that night) for rousing renditions of "Mack Truck" and "Goo Goo Muck", lasting in total no more than 6 minutes! No plans for futher shows together under the Town Cryers name, but a good time was had by all, so one never knows ... Thanks goes out to the BushPilots for allowing the boys to hack away at their gear. Check out the pictures on the "visuals" page.

The Town Cryers
The Town Cryers' 6-minute reunion

Aug. 20/06 - John plays two night with Cuban sensations The Elmer Ferrer Band - John played two nights with international blues-rock sensations The Elmer Ferrer Band in Ottawa's Georgetown Pub. Hot off of their opening spot with Bonnie Raitt, EFB asked John to open up for and collaborate with them on two evenings of eclectic music. "You have to think 'Woodstock' on a show like this ... they were like Jimi Hendrix, and I guess that would kinda make me, I dunno, Joan Baez or someone??" John joked of the mix in sounds. EFB are on their way back to Cuba and John has a US tour next month, so both took the opportunity to kick out the jams for two packed nights of appreciative audiences. More pictures and video footage are available on the "visuals" page.

John ends his set with the Elmer Ferrer Band with a bang!

July 21/06 Canadian and US national magazines review John's music
Two new reviews/articles have hit the shelf, raving about John's latest album, "Thank You Waitress". Penguin Eggs, Canada's national folk and roots music magazine says "You can punch any track at random on this disc and end up with a gem". Also, "The Scene" magazine, a college-based music magazine from the USA has done a 3-page spread on John and his music. Go to the "press" page to see both.

July 2/06 PODCASTS!
John Allaire's Podcasts are here for those of you with iPods/mp3 players, or for those who just want to listen on the computer. They consist of old and new radio interviews, archived Town Cryers'/Mercy Miners' stuff, occasionally a produced Podcast from John of what's new and exciting, what he's listening to, his "Expert Panel" junk and lots of fun fun fun.
Go to the podcast page

John and Alejandro Escovado at Bluesfest - July 2006
Photo Credit - Edward Burch

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