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NEWS ARCHIVE - Oct.- Dec. 2011

Dec. 3, 2011 - Reviews surfacing from all over the planet for Heart of Steel - Here's one from Belgium...

..." Comparisons in the press with the sound and songs of Neil Young and Bob Dylan can’t even be called exaggerated. We hear both masters echo in a couple of songs on the CD that was co-produced by the 46 year John Allaire and Dean Watson.

He is still poetic in his lyrics and varies musically between accoustic folk songs like in “Picking And Choosing”, the strongly Neil Young-like  “Gravestones And Dial Tones” and the beautiful  “Wish” and the otherwise electric gitar driven solid rocking songs in “Kitchen Chair”, “Spin The Wheel” and “Stone Cold”... See the full review.

Nov. 30, 2011 - Chartin'!! - John's latest album, Heart of Steel, is hitting the charts around the globe. As with past albums, Internet radio has taken a shine to John's work in Belgium and the Netherlands. Closer to home, Heart of Steel hit number 2 last week on CKCU FM! Keep requesting it!

John Allaire CKCU

Nov. 1, 2011 - Canadian album release party on Nov. 19th!! - John and the Campistas will be playing a full band show in celebration of John's new album "Heart of Steel", released just before his US Tour a few weeks ago.

John Allaire

Almost exactly one year ago, John survived a heart attack and subsequent emergency heart surgery. While recovering, he completed a number of songs that were on the go, as well as writing a whack of new ones. The result? "Heart of Steel", recorded at The Gallery Studio and produced by John and Dean Watson. And it was mastered at Bova Sound, to give it that extra shimmer!

"Stronger ... faster ... louder ... better insured ... AND NOW with 50% MORE METAL in his chest cavity to serve you better!"

After John's October US Tour in October, he had to re-order copies for his Canadian shows! Pick one up at the show, or before the show at both Compact Music locations in Ottawa, or online at http://johnallaire.com or iTunes!

Opening the show, Brandon Agnew & The Pocket 4's
(Music in the style of New Orleans)

They were the 2010 Ottawa Representatives (Solo/Duo) at the International Blues Competetion in Memphis, Tennessee!

This'll be a good one. Only $10! Get there early!

Oct 25, 2011 - FanBridge takes over promotion duties - New York City-based "FanBridge will be taking over John's promotion, meaning e-mail campagnes, news letters and social media duties will be in their capable hands. Please sign up below for the newletter and hey, ask John a Question if you like!

Ask a Fan Question Now - FanBridge  

Oct 11, 2011 - US Tour a great success! - John played 18 shows in 21 days from Pittsburgh to Florida to New York, etc... A huge thanks to everyone at all the stops along the way who came to the shows, booked the show, and/or let John crash at their place! Go here to see the pictures!


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